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Grenada Model

Living 1467.5 SQ FT

Garage 384.5 SQ FT

Entry 34.4 SQ FT

Lanai 115.6 SQ FT

TOTAL 2005.0 SQ FT

Soufriere Model

Living 1755.7 SQ FT

Garage 504.8 SQ FT

Entry 192.44 SQ FT

Lanai 113.6 SQ FT

TOTAL 2569.2 SQ FT

Leeward Model

Living 2857.0 SQ FT

Garage 858.1 SQ FT

Entry 104.9 SQ FT

Lanai 336.7 SQ FT

TOTAL 4155.7 SQ FT

Barbados Model

Living 1880.4 SQ FT

Garage 523.8 SQ FT

Entry 44.3 SQ FT

Lanai 109.4 SQ FT

TOTAL 2557.9 SQ FT


Emson Model

Living 2553.5 SQ FT

Garage 553.9SQ FT

Porch 138.5 SQ FT

Lanai 343.3SQ FT

TOTAL 3591.5 SQ FT

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